Multi Display

Reusable, adaptable, practical

Made of intelligently designed components, the modular Multi Display makes it possible to build your display in multiple configurations time and time again. The way to surprise and engage your shopper in a responsible and cost effective way.


  • Reusable: minimum lifetime of 3 years based on intensive usage
  • Material: ABS, 100% recyclable
  • Saving over 90% of cardboard every promotion compared to corrugated displays


  • Endless possibilities for product presentation, like horizontal/angled position shelves, hanging hooks, cabinets, LED and (interactive) screens
  • Made with intelligently designed components: easily adaptable for new presentations
  • Easily update your campaign visuals
  • Suitable for CHEP dolly and pallet 60 x 40 cm


  • Only 4 basic components to assemble the structure, less than 3 minutes to erect or dismantle the display
  • Size: 1/4 pallet (600 x 400 incl. outer), proven track record of meeting all logistic demands and many supply chain advantages
  • Weight load per shelf up to 40 kg, basic weight of the Multi Display 13 kg

Cost effective

  • Low investment costs
  • Quickly make your return on investment easily changing your product of campaign presentation


50% discount on a sample with decoration

Please fill in the contactform below to request your sample with decoration. 

Terms and conditions: from November 26, the first 10 requests with an endapplication in retail, will receive 50% discount. 






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Easily update the decorations of your Multi Display: 

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