Concept & Shopper marketing 

Shopper marketing is all about understanding how the target audience, in this case the shopper, behaves. How does the shopper move through all the category signing? What is the added value of branded articles? How do brands create emotion and an experience and how do they stimulate the shoppers’ senses?

The shopper is the main subject. The market offers a great variety of products. By making sure the shopper can easily find and purchase their desired products, said purchase will be made sooner, which increases turnover. Of course there are many possibilities to influence the shopper, online as well as offline. Take for example a shelving system, which is not optimally adapted to fit the shoppers’ needs. This way, the shopper will lose valuable time looking for the product he needs, which decreases the chances of him actually purchasing the product. The more time a shopper spends at a store shelf, does not always translate into a higher conversion rate. This means that the challenge is to increase the effective shopping time. As a result, the buying experience will be better and spending’s will be higher.

“Turn shoppers into buyers, seducing them with a poly-sensorial approach, by doing what others never did before.”

We look for the best fit for the targeted audience, within the wishes and possibilities of our clients. This means tailor made concepts and realization. To gain inspiration, we organize inspirational sessions with our clients. These can be adjusted to fit your needs. We can give product presentations or develop new designs, based on cases that are brought forward during the sessions. You can read about some of our sessions below:


With our client Grolsch, one of the main objectives was to step out of their comfort zone and gain some new ideas. This session was held at castle Groeneveld in Baarn. Frank Hoeckx started the day with a presentation about shopper marketing. Frank is the vice-president of Popai Benelux and has many years of experience in retail (LU, Danone, Mondelez) and is specialized in Brand Activation. His story immediately got everyone thinking, and a lot of interesting subjects and discussions were brought to the table.

Did you know that…

… 80% of the shoppers only visits 20% of the shops?

… 4 out of 10 shoppers will not be visiting your product category whilst shopping?

And are you aware of the fact that…

… 83% of all commercial communication only appeals to our visual senses?

… 75% of our emotions are influenced by our smell?

Grolsch had sent us several cases, prior to this session. Our designers took these cases and made several examples, which were used as additional inspiration and conversational substance. The day ended with a tour through our showroom, so that Grolsch could see a few of our solutions for themselves.

“A very useful and informative session.

Everyone was enthousiastic about the day and we have had some very good discussions.

This is working together 2.0- I’m very positive”

-Hans Heinen, Local Category Manager Grolsch

Universal Electronics

During this inspirational session, neuromarketing and shopper marketing took centre stage. The session took place at the clients headquarters. Together with Leo van de Polder, chairman of Popai Benelux (now SHOP!), we gave the Universal Electronics new insights into the world of shopper marketing. Many discussions on how to apply the newly required knowledge led to interaction between different departments and employees at Universal Electronics.


The inspirational session we did with Hasbro had shopper- and trade marketing as its objectives and took place at castle Groeneveld in Baarn. We held a presentation about shopper marketing and we gave a workshop, just like we did with Grolsch. The Hasbro team was divided into small groups and given the assignments to think about new ways to present their PLAY DOH products. The main goal here was to think out of the box and to improve the interaction between colleagues. The Vlastuin team provided them with innovative and creative sketches, which helped spark discussions about promotions at events and how other brands market themselves within the retail world.