Project management & Sourcing 

To successfully complete a project, within the set planning and budget, good project management and sourcing are two important factors. We guide our customers’ projects from concept to realisation. We map out the risks and make sure that every phase is well prepared. Through our many years of experience and expertise in retail solutions, we are able to select the right tools and people for each project, with a perfect outcome as our main objective.

We take good care of our large network of partners across the world. This allows us to not only quickly find fitting solutions to the questions of our customers, but to also offer our partners security and continuity. We, of course, work cost-efficiently and can provide you with technical support. Because of this, we can deliver product solutions and act as a print broker for effective planning and management of print projects. You can rely on our knowledge, the use of fitting materials and the knowhow of significant processes. We advise you on what is possible and in what timeframe, something where well-managed time is vital. This allows us to guide unique projects and run a successful production process.

You can find some of our realized projects down below:

Baronie Group

The Baronie Group is a chocolate supplier, who stands for innovation, service and the highest possible quality for the best price. The Baronie Group had been an established and successful player in the chocolate market for decades and keeping the prices low is one of its’ main objectives.

Together we developed double-walled (thin-walled) injection molded chocolate packaging and we looked for the right supplier to supply the packaging and to make the molds. For the production of the packages, an automated process was implemented so that the packages filled with empty cylinders were delivered to the Baronie Group. The plastic cylinders are manufactured in two different sizes and in different colors.

Royal Dutch Coins

In the year 2015, The Netherlands turned orange, with a new official royal coin set. The new coin set is completely dedicated to King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima. The set contains all eight Dutch euro coins, in UNC quality. Together with the Royal Dutch Coin, Vlastuin developed the blister in which the coins are kept. The blister is of high quality and was made in a cost effective way. The right sourcing and production was of great importance, with a beautiful final result.