Branche organisations

Vlastuin is member of the SHOP! Enhancing Retail organisation (previous Popai) as well as the Dutch ISMI organization

SHOP! Enhancing Retail

Shop! is the global non-profit trade association dedicated to enhancing retail environments and experiences
. Shop! represents more than 2.000 member companies worldwide and provides value to the global retail marketplace through their leadership in: Research (consumer behaviour, trends, futures), Design (customer experience design, store design, display design, fixture design), Build (manufacturing, construction, materials, methods, logistics, installation), Marketing (in-store communications, in-store marketing, technology, visual merchandising), and Evaluation (ROI, analytics, recognition/awards). Shop! is the new name for A.R.E. | POPAI The New Association.


Shopper marketing is the new discipline that takes consumer behaviour of the shopper as a starting point. The consumer as a shopper determines where the money is earned in the chain. Every company must learn to think and act shopper-centric. This has consequences for all the functions of a company and in every part of the chain, for the brand manufacturer and store organization in food and non food industries as well as agencies and point of purchase suppliers.

The consumer is in the domain of the brand manufacturer; the customer is in the retailer’s domain. The shopper is the connecting link between brand and retailer. Due to the complexity of the new game of supply and demand, the shopper has gained a disproportionately important role. Its dominant role forces all parties in the chain into a complete turnaround in terms of strategy: thinking from a push driven into pull driven market approach. The ISMI offers its expertise to each of these companies, anywhere in the chain.