Carrefour & Mondelēz International

What do you do if only 1 in 5 shoppers visits your category? This question was the starting point of the chocolate category makeover at Carrefour. A project by Mondelēz International, Carrefour and Vlastuin with the goal to immerse the shopper more deeply in the category by adding more emotion to the presentation and making it more engaging—of course, with the intention of realising a consistent increase in returns.

The result is a clear, warm product categorisation, which turns a visit to the chocolate category into a more complete experience. In order to make the shelf more legible, the presentation has been divided into different blocks, each with its own material and colour. The banners above the blocks highlight this legibility. They do not just display atmospheric imagery, but also indicate which products can be found there.

In order to generate more attention for certain areas of the category, some shelves were given a curved shape. This is supplemented by LED lighting in selected areas that create nuanced lighting that is pleasing to the eye. This draws attention to the product and appeals to the shopper instead of assaulting them. This gives the shelf another dynamic.

The make-over makes for a significant increase in returns when compared to covert measurements taken in branches where the makeover has yet to be implemented.