Oase is a German company and is worldwide market leader when it comes to ‘water gardens’, with a focus on the private garden pond in all conceivable facets. The pumps and filters are their most important products and are the key to a clean pond.

The products from Oase can be found in for example garden centers, but the presentation could use an update. This is why Oase asked Vlastuin to create a presentation that would entice the senses and support the customer in their search for the right product.

The result is a presentation that makes Oase stand out. New and large images placed at the top of the presentation attract customers from a distance. The back wall and floor in front of the presentation create a feeling of stepping into the world of the ‘water gardens’. Add the sound module with the relaxing sounds and you can imagine being in your garden. Additionally, lighting was used to create a bright and fresh look and feel and to highlight the ‘hotspots’.

In order to help customers find the product they need, an info center was created. There the customer can find information and inspiration about ponds on a tablet or presentation folder.