Are you familiar with Pinex Smelt with strawberry flavour? It’s a special medicine from Aurobindo, but how do you tell customers that this paracetamol is ideal for those who have trouble swallowing pills? With a counter display!

During a meeting between Vlastuin and Aurobindo about POS materials a cardboard cube was demonstrated that could be attached to a window. This cube could also be used as counter display. Together we created a design for a version for Pinex Smelt and afterwards the display was produced and placed in about 400 drugstores and pharmacies.

The advantage of the display is that the size is really practical and easy to set up. This allows the accountmanagers to set up the displays themselves. This saves money when it comes to shipping costs, and Aurobindo can make sure the presentation of the display looks the same in all the stores.

Additionally it is important that the customer can easily get to the product while still being able to communicate the necessary information. Consumers still make final decisions in the last phase of the shopping proces. Counter display’s stimulate impuls buys en are therefore worth the investment.