Making it easy for your customers to find the products they’re looking for, is a great way to stimulate sales. This was especially important for Pokon, because the many options they provide can make shopping a bit of a challenge. Which potting soil do you need? And what about fertilisers? The Pokon Potting Soil Info Point can help customers find the answers to these questions.

With the interactive instore info point it is not only possible for customers to use the touchscreen in the store to discover the soil most suitable for their project, they can also calculate how much of it they need. Do you want to plant, improve the ground or to elevate it? The info point calculates how many liters you need and how many bags you need. To make it even easier, it is also possible to print a receipt and use that to pick up your order at the register.

An info point is very useful, but it’s very important to keep the prices and products up-to-date. Fortunately all the information can be managed from the existing Content Management System for the Pokon website. It’s even possible to vary the data per store.