A product can be promoted in a store or on TV, but why wouldn’t you organize a traveling event? Zespri for example decided to introduce the New Zealand kiwi fruit to as many people as possible during the Zespri Summer Tour.

The Zespri Summer Tour is an event filled with ‘small pleasures’. Visitors can participate in several activities and of course taste the kiwi’s. Because Zespri wanted to be able to interact with its customers and to make the Summer Tour even more complete, they were looking to add an interactive element. This resulted in the ‘Zespri recipe finder’. The requirements? It had to both fit the Zespri brand and offer a useful and attractive tool to introduce visitors to Zespri recipes. These recipes include both sweet and savoury options and have the Sungold or Green kiwi as ingredient.

The result is an enormous kiwi with a height of 1.75 meter (including stand) and a width of about 1 meter. Several materials were used and even the coarse skin of the kiwi was simulated. The result is a real eye catcher! The interactive element is a touchscreen, visitors can use to browse recipes with, of course, kiwi. When a recipe gets selected, the user will not only see the complete instructions but also see the option to fill in an email address. This enabled them to receive all the available recipes.