A new visual identity

A new visual identity

During the celebration of our 50th anniversary at the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam, we revealed our new corporate identity with a matching new logo. Dennis Veeken (Onwijs Reclame) has designed both.

The pre-existing six icons form the basis for the new identity and logo. These represent Vlastuins core business: Packaging, POS Displays, Digital Signage, Stopping Power, Instore Solutions and Ownership. However, Ownership does not stand for what we do, but for how we do it.

By adding a slant and rounding the corners, the icons have been made more dynamic and friendly. With this new look, they resemble apps, which ties into the modern feel and the growth of Digital Signange.

2x extra icon

The colours of the icons form the logo. This way, Vlasuin literally consists of the services we offer. By keeping the V and the A open, the logo has a more dynamic feel to it and gives a nod to the old pay-off: ‘always in motion’.

In addition, the rainbow colours reflects the emotions felt when doing a purchase or during a retail experience. Exactly what we want to achieve, to generate emotion.

“All in all, it has become a fresh, dynamic and modern logo. Colourful and exactly where Vlastuin stands for: creativity.”, Veeken says.