Bringing attention to new flavours

Bringing attention to new flavours

When you launch a new product, you want to make sure that as many people and companies possible take notice. There are numerous ways to do so. Setting up a sample-pack campaign is one of them. To succeed in such an action, you must have special packaging to turn such a small sample into an actual experience. The Douwe Egberts sample packs are a good exampSamplepacks-6le of such packaging.

Douwe Egberts is an established company, with a rich history. Brands like Pickwick, Senseo and L’Or Espresso are known to many. New flavours are regularly added to their selection. Barry Pasman, Product Engineer subcontracting at JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS NL explains that the new flavours of coffee and tea are introduced to the public in a couple of different ways. They are sent to people by mail or included in packs of brochures. They are also handed out at conventions and festivals like Horecava, Huishoudbeurs, Familia and Libelle Zomerweek. In addition to giving away samples, mailings are sent to parties within the catering world.

Materials and design

The challenge for Vlastuin was to select a material that was suitable for print on both sides. By doing so, not only the product information would be visible, but there would also be more room to convey the feel of the product. Opening, for example, a teabag should be an experience in itself. The paper as well as the materials used for printing are both FSC certified and approved for use in food.

As of this moment, we have launched numerous sample packs for Pickwick, Senseo and L’Or Espresso. A nice example is the sample pack specifically designed for commercial use. This packaging presents the complete range of the new ‘slow tea’s” by Pickwick. There has been made us of a matte lacquer to give the tea a luxurious look and feel.