Cardboard instead of plastic: Universal Electronics opts for sustainable packaging

Cardboard instead of plastic: Universal Electronics opts for sustainable packaging

Almost a third of all remote controls sold worldwide come from Universal Electronics. To make the electronics retail trade more sustainable, the global player has exchanged plastic packaging for cardboard.

Together with our German partner STI group, we have developed a new sustainable packaging solution for UEI’s One For All range of remote controls. From now on only paper instead of plastic! This new packaging significantly reduces CO2 emissions on a material basis; for the popular Evolve remote control that is a whopping 24% CO2 reduction.

Image change for the electronics sector

Bold colors, high-quality product images and an attractive opening mechanism make this new packaging line particularly attractive to conscious electronics consumers. This meets another primary objective for UEI: to communicate to consumers about their commitment to environmental and climate protection.

‘Already 70% of the packaging that Universal Electronics produces with STI Group is based on cardboard instead of plastic. This is unique in the electronics accessories market and provides the One for All brand with a real difference, ” said Jakob Rinninger, CEO of STI Group. ‘This relaunch is another good example of how our global network can support customers in developing truly sustainable packaging. As a company, we also strive to minimize our ecological footprint, with the ultimate goal of zero net emissions. ‘

Vlastuin supports the transition to a sustainable circular economy by developing future-oriented products made from renewable materials.

The project has been registered for the Sustainability Awards 2021 packaging Europe in the category “Driving the Circular Economy”.