Mr. Flexx début at Albert Heijn

Mr. Flexx début at Albert Heijn

Price favourites presented in flexible and sustainable display system
Mr. Flexx can be admired in more than 400 Albert Heijn supermarkets as of mid-October. This most flexible and sustainable display system will be deployed for the ‘AH Price favourites’. These are more than 1,000 products, both fresh and for the store cupboard, of good quality at the lowest price.

Specially developed version
A frame made from 100% recyclable ABS was specially designed in the Albert Heijn corporate style for this presentation. The side panels and top card are also made from ABS, making them suitable for long-term use. They can be quickly and easily replaced when necessary or desired. The price indicators work according to the retailer’s system.

Flexible product presentation
Not only the colour, height and decorations are fully flexible; the layout of Mr. Flexx is fully variable in terms of the number of shelves and their position, in height but also angling. That flexibility is a must for optimum product presentation of the large and continuously changing range of AH Price favourites.

100% sustainable choice
The use of the reusable display results in a minimum volume of waste. The robust nature of the material guarantees a working life of at least 3 years. Reuse of the display results in enormous CO2 savings. At the end of their life cycle, the AH Price favourites displays are recycled in a mono-flow, making this a fully circular display: a 100% sustainable choice.

Mr. Flexx. Your sustainable choice for in-store promotions.

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