Old students inspire the new students

Old students inspire the new students

Art manifestation Grandi Art

On February 19 and 20 Grandi Art took place at Het Baarnsch Lyceum. An art manifestation, which has been taking place between the oldest lycea in the Netherlands since the 1930s. With performances by students and presence of, among others, the poet Thomas Möhlmann and cartoonist and writer Jean-Marc van Tol, former students of the school.

Work has been selected from them and can be seen on the wall and in the stairwell.

Henk van Ommen, rector of Het Baarnsch Lyceum explains:

“In the past lies the present, in the now what will come. I experience the school as a kind of line with history and the future. Old students inspire the new students and so time goes on and that also fits a school that is almost 102 years old. Partly under the guidance of Kees van Bueren, former Dutch teacher, a number of texts have been selected.”

Good luck and inspiration!
Vlastuin is located in and connected to Baarn for many years. Last year, Vlastuin played an important role in the design and preparation of the poems / works of the former students.

We wish Het Baarnsch Lyceum and all schools, teachers and students a lot of success and inspiration in the continuation and completion of the education in this course!

Watch the video of RTV Baarn during Grandi Art below.