We celebrated our 50th anniversary!

We celebrated our 50th anniversary!

On the 20th of April, Vlastuin celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam (UNESCO). In the presence of clients, suppliers, friends and family, we looked back at the past. But we mostly looked into the future of retail solutions.

The Van Nelle Factory is a beautiful backdrop for this festive day. Van Nelle was also one of Vlastuin’s first clients, which binds the past and future nicely together.

The strength of Vlastuin was shown in the form of five ‘worlds’; each with its own theme: Hold Me (packaging), Take Me (displays), Fashion & Luxury, Home and Entertainment and Living the Taste. By using cases, we illustrated the work that we have done over the years.

Existing cases like Oase and Mondelez category make-overs, our Rituals make-up furniture and Activia rebranding were combined with striking graphic designs. What connected all five worlds, were innovative, digital solutions which gave us a look into the future. It was clear that the ‘one size fits all’-mentality was no longer relevant, and that we strive for tailor made solutions regarding information and seduction of the shopper. Our speakers, Leo van de Polder (POPAI) and Johan Moeys (Atlas), agreed to this.

35 years of partnership with STI

In addition to our own anniversary, there was a second one to celebrate. 2017 is the year that Vlastuin celebrates 35 years of partnership with the STI Group. The STI Group (founded in 1897) sets itself apart by designing and producing innovative and creative packaging. In honouring of this partnership, the world Hold Me was a collaboration between the two companies. STI has also worked on several components of other worlds.

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Harro and Cornelis Vlastuin are proud of this accomplishment. What started as a sole trader, has grown into a team of 14 members. This shows that the company has undergone a continuous growth over the last years. “Where we want to be, of where we hope to be with the developments we see right now, is that we will be supported by a wide organization, that we grow with the market, thatw e are ahead of where we need to pre-empt and that the market sees us as a professional partner for retail and brand manufacturers.

You can look at the photos of our event here!