Dreamland & Hasbro

Order and overview is important. A nice example of a project where we focused on the overview and accessibility of the products, is the presentation of the ‘Super Heroes’ collection in the Dreamland shops (Belgium). The goal was to better present the most important brands from the category and to increase the conversion. Additionally, it was important to make sure the presentation would fit within the Dreamland stores.

To meet these wishes several techniques and elements were selected to be combined into a complete presentation. One of these elements are the recently developed LED-panels. These panels were placed above the shelves and contain easy to exchange posters. These posters can be used to communicate the brands displayed in that area of the shelf.

Vertical segmentation was chosen to create an even better overview, an effective technique that also makes the category stand out more. Additionally, we paid attention to the floor in front of the shelves. Static floor stickers were combined with dynamic projections.

To complete the presentation matching skirting was added, together with decoration of the supports. A matching endcap is another available option. During the development of this concept the shop personnel was kept in mind to make sure the decorations won’t hinder the stocking of the shelves.