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What we are?

As a dynamic family owned company we are already for over 50 years involved in finding solutions for our customers questions and challenges. Product packaging or POS concept, or digital solutions and many other requests are the basic elements that challenge our team in creation and inspiration
“Our mission is to create innovative instore promotions, POS concepts
and product packaging of any kind. We develop, create and produce successful solutions to help retailers and brands in different retail environments gain market share, raise turnover, follow or set trends and help anticipate on shopper behavior and needs.”



Corporate Social Responsibility is a starting point for cooperating  


Vlastuin has a large network of partners within and outside Europe whit added value of our partners



Vlastuin is member of the SHOP Enhancing Retail organisation  


What we deliver

In-store POS solutions for every challenge

Packaging and displays have been at the foundation of our company for 50 years. But Vlastuin also thinks ahead, with future-proof solutions in digital signage, shop-in-shop, and category approach.

  • Packaging
  • Displays
  • POS stopping power tools
  • Category management & presentation
  • Shop-in-shop
  • Digital signage


What sets us apart

Vlastuin makes the difference

Vlastuin has for many years been a regular at quite a few leading brands in FMCG, fashion, DIY, perfume, and cosmetics, as well as in the retail sector – in Belgium, the Netherlands, and far beyond. Our formula for success? A balance between creativity, pragmatism, and experience.

Tailor-made solutions & teamwork

Our team always strives for a personal approach and a customer relationship worthy of the name “partnership”. Our driven, hands-on staff will listen, think with you, and lessen the workload where necessary.


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Our latest news

Brand experience in the Playmobil category

Together with Playmobil, Vlastuin has developed a category lighting that can be adapted locally to the length and shape of the category. An infinite Playmobil branding instore can be mounted in different ways with LED panels and a printed textile banner.
07 August Read more

Bufferz – integrated in any interior

In early May, we launched the Bufferz range with an extensive range of hygiene screens and disinfection columns. Everything made with the highest quality materials, such as powder-coated metal, which can be integrated into any interior, be it a shop, waiting area or theater; various spaces are adapted in this way to comply with current measures.
09 July Read more

Seasonal displays for Pokon

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for gardening and this year the garden is the favorite place for many to enjoy beautiful summer days. From years of cooperation, Vastuin supplied the displays for Pokon and advised on the color uniformity between the various displays.
07 July Read more

Old students inspire the new students

On February 19 and 20 Grandi Art took place at Het Baarnsch Lycem. An art manifestation, which has been taking place between the oldest lycea in the Netherlands since the 1930s. With performances by students and presence of, among others, the poet Thomas Möhlmann and cartoonist and writer Jean-Marc van Tol, former students of the school. We wish Het Baarnsch Lyceum and all schools, teachers and students a lot of success and inspiration in the continuation and completion of the education in this course!
27 May Read more