Retail Displays with maximum flexibility, cost saving and sustainability

Retail Displays with maximum flexibility, cost saving and sustainability

Baarn, October 2021 – Over a 12-month period, Mr. Flexx®, the multifunctional, reusable display by Vlastuin, has proven that the advantages of enhanced retail sales, cost savings and sustainability can indeed go hand-in-hand. The success of Mr. Flexx® is translating into growing interest at home and abroad. More and more retailers and brands are making conscious choices based on more sustainable deployment of packaging materials and energy, in combination with the display and sales functionality. 

Leading retailers in the Benelux have been using Mr. Flexx® very successfully in a variety of ways during this first year. A good step towards further national and international expansion. According to Harro Vlastuin, Mr. Flexx® has evolved from the traditional display to the modern-day requirements which improve sell out and which render it multifunctional in its use for virtually any product. It is the result of more than forty years of experience in the design, development and marketing of displays. When using Mr. Flexx® in the store, the maximum CO2 reduction can be as high as 86%. A result which helps contribute to improvement of our sustainability targets.

Harro Vlastuin explains that the success of Mr. Flexx® in the Netherlands will be further expanded to include unique advantages. “Playing to the senses through combinations of light, motion, sound or scents guarantees even more opportunities for brand perception and promotions which make an impact; this is an option in Mr Flexx® Premium which is supported on the shelf using rechargeable batteries or power banks. A completely new innovation thanks to its modular nature in a retail display! Tracing the current location and new applications of ‘lift & learn’ are the next new options to be introduced very soon. The standard Mr Flexx® range is made from the optimally recyclable mono-material ABS. The choice to use ABS recycle has resulted in even higher CO2 reduction values.  

New promotion techniques

So how does Mr. Flexx® stand up to the traditional displays, the branch in which Vlastuin has made a name for itself? Mike Anthony, CEO of consumer goods training and consulting company Engage Ltd, answers as follows: “Efficiency is one of the most important motivators in the world of fast-moving consumer goods. Retailers continue to grow and are ever more demanding in terms of logistics. In-store promotions using displays need to become less labour-intensive. Mr. Flexx® caters to this new way of working. It reduces volumes of cardboard and costs in order to reduce the environmental footprint. 

According to Anthony, big brands should ‘simply’ make such choices. “Of course, that’s easily said in an industry which is naturally conservative and is already under pressure from e-commerce. 

Whether we agree or not, manufacturers and retailers are always searching for the balance between profitability and sustainability. Two issues are key here. To ensure added value due to higher profitability, and to reduce costs. 

The market decides
Cornelis Vlastuin, the innovative force behind Mr. Flexx®: “We introduced our new display concept to the Netherlands a year ago, though its development actually started early in the nineties. The time is now ripe. The market decides what is the best solution, at any given time. We like to refer to it as evolution, rather than revolution. Over more than 50 years, we have built ourselves a rich history. Following a number of successful introductions to Dutch retail, Cornelis Vlastuin is now witnessing great enthusiasm from the market. 

Mr. Flexx® is the logical next step towards sustainability, being able to both reduce costs and introduce new promotion applications. Like our clients, we too are aware: change requires steady determination. That is the reason for the phased introduction of the new display concept at home and abroad.” Cornelis Vlastuin believes that acceptance and adaptation are the keywords. “Think in terms of adjusted logistics processes, operational improvements and new methods of organizing in-store promotion. There lies a risk in traditional markets. It’s easy to underestimate the impact of the new display concept. We therefore supervise our clients in every step they take, in order to take maximum advantage of the benefits. Even if retailers decide to change their way of working.”

More information

  • For more information and inspiration, why not head over to the new website 
  • A web shop for customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Germany will be launched soon. The web shop is particularly intended for orders of up to 100 items and to order sample sets.
  • The displays are made from 100% mono-material (virgin) ABS and are fully recyclable. Displays made from recycled ABS are also available (on request).

About Mr. Flexx®

Fully customisable, reusable and 100% recyclable: The two versions, Classic and Premium, our available in the standard 60×40 size. The Premium version is also available in the unique 40×40 size. The unique properties of Mr. Flexx® ensure that this is the most versatile, robust, sustainable and especially flexible display available on the market. The modular system takes around 3 minutes to put together, and is fully customizable using images, sounds, scents and artificial intelligence. From a striking display for a stylish experience to an action display for special offers, a solid sampling stand or a campaign-based display: Mr. Flexx® can be transformed in an instant to guarantee the required effect in the store. See