Claire de Zoete – back with Vlastuin

Claire de Zoete – back with Vlastuin

Since mid-May, Vlastuin has gained a design star with Claire de Zoete. She is no stranger, because 3 years ago, she worked as a Project Manager for some time with us. We take pleasure in introducing her to you.


Claire has studied interior architecture at the academy of art: the profession that already interested her as a child, when she regularly urged her parents to renovate and was already realising her ideas on a miniature scale.

With wide-ranging experience in (interior) architectural firms, Claire likes to look at both the aesthetic side and the practical side of the profession. For this she combines her creativity, understanding of spaces and her ability to empathise.

Instore design

Instore design appeals to Claire: the rapidly changing market means that you have to stay sharp at a rapid pace and, due to the influence of online shopping, it is more important than ever to pay attention to making a powerful store presentation.

“Combining aesthetics with actually making spaces better is the core of my approach. I look forward to devising your interior projects from A to Z and bringing them to reality with the team at Vlastuin.”

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Nice to know

Claire recently used her knowledge and craftsmanship to help build her friend’s new CrossFit branch, both in terms of brand, communication, and actually making the interior design and various items of furniture herself. At the same time, CrossFit is also a major interest. This training method is all about being prepared for the unexpected and becoming as fit as possible in all areas: fitness, strength, flexibility and coordination.