Vlastuin MULTI DISPLAY wins silver Superstar Award

Vlastuin MULTI DISPLAY wins silver Superstar Award

The new year has started vigorously with a silver Superstar Award for our reusable Multi Display 2.0 prototype. For the 25th time the Superstar Awards were organised in cooperation with Viscom Düsseldorf, Europa’s tradeshow for visual communication from 8 until 10 January 2019. In total 93 displays were nominated and we are proud to have won silver in the category Prototype.

CO2 reduction

Multi Display offers a resource saving alternative for the traditional cardboard displays. A modular system, produced from 100% recyclable plastic (ABS). It can be reused many times for at least 3 years. But is also flexible, practical and cost efficient, and most of all results in a significant CO2 reduction.

The CO2 impact of the reusable Multi Display was subjected to a comparison versus one-off, hand folded cardboard displays, including the emission factors of the ABS, cardboard and transport, with verification by the independent research agency Blonk Consultants. The considerable saving in materials and transport results in a CO2 reduction of approximately 90%.     

The Vlastuin Multi Display is in fact a modular construction kit, that can be configured in various ways, is easy to set up for any product and any campaign, and can be subsequently very simply converted into a design for the following promotion. Moreover, the system offers a quick ROI and can be achieved to an affordable purchase price. For over 8 years, the Multi Display 1.0 is already a success in the market for both retailers and brands.

Multi Display 2.0

The Multi Display 2.0 prototype adds even a totally new  logistic advantage. It is the first permanent display suitable for locking to the CHEP blueclick connection dolly or pallet and with a new collapsable back panel. In combination with a CHEP dolly, the Multi Display is ideally suited as a return display, also due to the fact that the display can be quickly dismantled and transported as a compact package. The volume in the return flow is therefore minimum.

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