EuroShop 2020 Summary

EuroShop 2020 Summary

From 16 – 20 February, we have enjoyed five inspiring days at EuroShop, meeting our customers, partners and many new people, interested in Vlastuin and our reusable display solution Mr. Flexx®.

Thanks very much to everyone who visited us!

We would like to share these pictures and video with you as a summary of the tradeshow and to inspire you about the endless options with Mr. Flexx® Classic, Premium and Eco. Would you like more information? Please contact the Vlastuin team and we are happy to advise you.

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Euroshop and Mr. Flexx® stand impression


Mr. Flexx® Classic

Robust design – 10 years of proven success, optimized for today’s needs!

Changeable oval side window panels for creative decoration ideas or, if left out, visibility in the display.

Mr. Flexx® Eco

Introducing the FIRST reusable display from bioplastic

Launched at EuroShop 2020

Mr. Flexx® Premium

Next level instore promotions!

Activate shopper senses with optional: light, sound, scent & movement

Watch the video at the stand

Disclaimer: All illustrations and decorations are artist’s concepts and impressions only.

Presentation at the Shop! Popai Village

Fredric Petit, CEO Vibers & Judith van de Geijn Marketing Manager Vlastuin

Sustainability instore – How to make impact

Together with Fredric Petit, CEO at Vibers, we had the opportunity to go on stage at the Shop! Popai Village during EuroShop to present about sustainability instore. Think in terms of eco-efficiency, safer Ingredients, circular and biobased polymers. Linked to the 10 criteria and certification of Popai France to be used for the Global Eco Standard, including recyclable materials, recycled materials, anticipate product end of life and optimize logistics.

Vibers high tech fibres are used in materials like bio-concrete, paper and cardboard and bioplastic. Some Vibers applications could be found used at some of the stands at Euroshop, like organic hangers used by Hans Boodt mannequins and instore signing by Levanto.

The launch of Mr. Flexx® Eco at EuroShop:
1st modular bioplastic POS display system, produced from Vibers.

Mr. Flexx® minimizes negative impact as it is a very conscious choice regarding material use: the solid frame is reused endlessly for any type of product, brand or campaign. The modular parts can be automatically washed and easily replaced if repair is needed. And on top of this, the display itself is 100% recyclable at the end of it’s lifetime, since we use a mono material. It is also possible to produce Mr. Flexx® in recycled ABS if requested.

However, returning to maximizing impact (instore): a reusable display doesn’t need to be standard, using the same frame time and time again, you can build endless decorations with Mr. Flexx®.