Dry sausage category make-over at Cora

Dry sausage category make-over at Cora

As a store, you want all your products to have their own place and attention. The Belgian supermarket Cora agreed to this. Their dry sausage shelving formed a confusing set of different types and brands of sausages. Imperial Meat Products, market leader in dry saugsage, took the initiative to give this category a make-over.

For this project, we have worked with the Belgian company Berlin. There were several objectives to achieve with this metamorphosis:

  • Drive sales;
  • Increase visibility of the dry sausages with clear subsegmentation;
  • Increase taste-appeal;
  • Emphasize the quality and authenticity of the segment;
  • Create a shop-in-shop;
  • We need to make an immediate impression on the shopper.


The first shelving unit has just been installed in a Cora in Anderlecht. It is too early to make any statements about an increase in sales.

It is clear that the other objectives have been reached. The shelving has a impressive because of the combination of materials and colours. These give it a shop-in-shop feel in a supermarket. The compartments and materials create a clear overview of the various products. The graphics on the side and back provide an appetite for the shopper.


This project nicely illustrates the course from a customer’s wish to the competed project. “We wanted our brands Aoste, Marcassou and Justin Bridou to have a clear identity, with their own places in the store.”, says Leen de Clercq, shopper marketer at Imperial Meat Products. “Vlastuin is an expert at devolping high quality shelving. We have seen this at, for example, the chocolate category make-over at Mondelez. Imperial has chosen Vlastuin, because we felt that Vlastuin would have a clear added value to this project.”

Vlastuin has let its creativity flow freely, with several concepts as a first result. Senia Chen, designer at Vlastuin says: “it was a relatively short process. The customer was very happy with the first concept.” After a number of small adjustments, the concept was ready to be realized. Leen de Clercq agrees: “It was a very strong creative concept. The quality of the execution was also good, from the first visit to the store, to the design and placement of the shelving.”